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Van Derand - Layered Linn - Trilogy

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The Best LinnDrum Samples On The Market

After spending the most recent years haunted by nostalgia, Van D has traversed through the colorful waves of various synthesizer oriented genres as a producer, sound designer and mastering engineer, perceiving how majority of the productions within simply lacked the dynamic response and depth in drum programming.

To elevate these production values, Van D dived inside the source, to face the almighty LinnDrum. By innovative layering and surgical post production techniques, Van D forged an absolute pack of one-shots that will level up any given production to match the high demands of modern electronic music era. Tape alternatives are included for true purists, who desire carefully treated warm analog tape saturation on their drums.

Layered Linn series is divided into three separate packages: kicks, snares and hi-hats (both closed and open). All of the packages contain both dry samples and their tape saturated alternatives. User can simply choose a sound and timbre best suitable for given situation and keep on rocking. Samples come in industry standard 24-bit resolution wav format providing polished and balanced sound that sits perfectly in the mix and can be used straight out of the package. This collection is the ultimate way to enjoy the classic sound of LinnDrum without compromises.

Layered Linn - Trilogy includes all Layered Linn packages:

- 40 Dry 24-bit WAV Closed Hi-hat One-shots
- 40 Tape 24-bit WAV Closed Hi-hat One-shots
- 40 Dry 24-bit WAV Open Hi-hat One-shots
- 40 Tape 24-bit WAV Open Hi-hat One-shots
- 40 Dry 24-bit WAV Kick One-shots
- 40 Tape 24-bit WAV Kick One-shots
- 40 Dry 24-bit WAV Snare One-shots
- 40 Tape 24-bit WAV Snare One-shots