Observing a singular waveform with utmost care, critically valuating the balance of slightly descending frequency response and rarely deviating signals on vectorscope, it was certain that Van Derand was an audiophile of highest demand. He would spend the deepest of nights inside his tenebrous studio illuminated only by the spectrum of multicolored light-emitting diodes, blinking in a perfect synchronized rhythm on the immaculate surfaces of his various synthesizers.
These machines generated the most fascinating of sounds in such capable hands. Sounds that formed an vast and diverse soundscape full of melodies hauntingly beautiful and cunningly harmonic. Underneath rumbled thick, almost materializing bass that seized the whole low register. This wall of sound was immense, yet decisively paced by the pulsating rhythmic patterns that steered the arrangement. It was an eerie realization that breathed in a new mentality in both sound and design. Broad smile on his worn out visage was an sheer evidence of a pure bliss in consequence of another triumphant aural experimentation.
This was his world and his vocation; an eccentric map annexing small paths of indie makers and grand highways of corporate businesses. He was a man of particular expertise and he was on his way, as an all inclusive sound designer aiming to the top. Little is known for how he manufacture something so innovative and absolute, but through knowledge one can get closer. And for the first time ever, Van Derand is about to reveal the secrets of his craftsmanship sentence by sentence, word by word, and product by product.

Music Production References