Van Derand's pristine touch can be heard on numerous prime medias including NewRetroWave, DrDisRespect, StaySeeThePrimeThanatosFunky PandaThe'80sGuyLTBMusicneros77 , LuigiDonatello , WeRuleNation , Aztec RecordsTimeSlave Recordings just to name few. You can listen to some of the selected mastering references below. Discover the full list of mastered releases in alphabetic order further down below the videos.

We both know that your music deserves the most dedicated professional mastering engineer, so don't hesitate to drop me an email. Price for the mastering is 50€ per track (including tax) and I assure you, it's the best money you will ever spend on your music.


 Van Derand & Turbo Knight - Enemy ft. Ryan Ward (2021)


Hanna - Don't Cut Your Angels (2021)


Shadowrunner - Alone in the Dark feat. Trenton (2021)


 Syst3m Glitch - Young and Wild and Free (2021)


Vansidian - Stormweaver (2021)


Turbo Knight & Vosto - Stargazer EP (2021)


Gryff - Calypso Drip FM (2020)


Turbo Knight - Don't Panic (2020)


Turbo Knight & K.A.R.R - Quantum Shift (2020)


 Team Sweatwave - Agents Of S.W.E.A.T. (2020)


Turbo Knight - Navigators (2019)


Ace Buchannon - Mizukage Prototype (2019)


Mulperi - Fearless (2019)


Viciousi & Agrume - Get Down To The Funk (2018)


Turbo Knight & Yoru 夜 - Heavy Rain (2018)


Thomas Tonfeld & Leaving Atlantis - Paradise (VCOC & Naroni Remix) (2018)


Thomas Tonfeld - Soul-Searchin' ft. Magnus (GoGoBizkitt! Remix) (2018)


Viciousi - All The Nights We Spent (2017)


Viciousi & DeusExMaschine - When We Kiss (2016)


Full list of releases mastered by Van Derand in alphabetic order:

ØM-53 - It's All Wrong (GeoVoc Remix)
65UGE - Fam
65UGE - Tie Vie Käliin
Ace Buchannon - Mizukage Prototype
Aksuli - NYT! (Delorean Boys Remix)
Alan Elettronico - Polybius
Alan Elettronico - Soda Bottle Baby
Angst Athens - Celestial Voyage
Charlotte Someone - Another Fine Day
Cottage Cult - Necronomicon
Cottage Cult - Shoes
DeusExMaschine - La Frange (Viciousi Remix)
DeusExMaschine - Stop
Dimi Kaye - Invoking The Halloween Spirits
Diskotimantti - Jäätelöauto
Diskotimantti - Kesäloma Ilman Sua
Diskotimantti - Kreikan Patsaat Murenee
Diskotimantti - Neljän Seinän Valtias
Diskotimantti - Porin Road Warrior
DJ EQ - Monte Carlo (Viciousi 'Pure Rapture' Remix)
Down To The Mines - Android Barker
Efflorum - Addicted
Efflorum - Children Of Malkav (Mandrake's Root Remake)
Efflorum - Fractura
Efflorum - Glowsticks
Efflorum - Go With Me Somewhere
Efflorum - Hora No Shinrin
Efflorum - Incursion
Efflorum - Mandrake's Root
Efflorum - Porfyra
Efflorum - Pyxis Nautica
Efflorum - Raton Laveur
Efflorum - Realm Of Leviathan
Efflorum - Shattered
Efflorum - Tau Ceti
Efflorum - Terrafrost
Efflorum - Thetapuris
Efflorum - Torgue
Efflorum - Vivahde
Efflorum - Xenomorph
Empire Of The Vampire - Flashback
EPHMERIX - Midnight Spark
EPHMERIX - Plague Upon Thee
Frozen Plasma - West End (Syst3m Glitch Remix)
Funkhameleon - Paranoia
GeoVoc - Change The World (Shadowrunner Remix)
Glitchedtones - Ambient For Serum (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Beatmaker Chord Resource (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Dark Ambient For Serum (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Fright Night For Serum (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Future Urban For Serum (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Lo-fi Chill For Serum (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Retrowave For Serum (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
Glitchedtones - Swathes: Serum Pads x Cthulhu Chords (Official Product Demo by Van Derand)
GRYFF - Do You Feel Like This?
GRYFF - Dreams
GRYFF - Hollywood View
GRYFF - Hotline
GRYFF - Jessie
GRYFF - Landslide
GRYFF - Miami Overdrive
GRYFF - New Religion
GRYFF - New Religion (Colour Vision Remix)
GRYFF - New Religion (Crockett Remix)
GRYFF - New Religion (L.A. Streethawk Remix)
GRYFF - New Religion (Xennon Remix)
GRYFF - Reverse
GRYFF - Something 2 Hold
GRYFF - Voyager
GRYFF - Waiting Up
GRYFF & Primo - Reverse
Gunship - The Drone Racing League (Van Derand Remix)
HANNA - Cut Your Angels
HANNA - Cut Your Angels (Club Mix)
HANNA - Cut Your Angels (LLUVA Remix)
Hardwell & Joey Dale - Arcadia ft. Luciana (Kolliepekka Remix)
Helsinsky - Joystick
Hunter - Forever Young (Viciousi '87' Remix)
Hypervinylator - Another Destiny
Hypervinylator - Best Time
Hypervinylator - Closer
Hypervinylator - Crystal Tears
Hypervinylator - Doing My Part
Hypervinylator - Human Wreck
Hypervinylator - Koganei Park
Hypervinylator - Land Of The Nearly Dead
Hypervinylator - Let Me In
Hypervinylator - Push And Pull
Hypervinylator - Searchlight
Hypervinylator - The Plan
jacket - Waves (GeoVoc Remix)
Jackie - Starblazer's Delight
Jetfire Prime - Echoes Of Summer
Jordan F - 72 Steps (2021 Remaster)
Jordan F - A Chance (2021 Remaster)
Jordan F - Energy
Jordan F - Labyrinth
Jordan F - Night Breed
Jordan F - Organism
Jordan F - Overdrive
Jordan F - Ready For The Night (2021 Remaster)
Jordan F - Sanctuary
Jordan F - The Blight
Jordan F - The Chasm
Jordan F - The Portal
Jordan F - The Win (2021 Remaster)
Jordan F - Until The End (2021 Remaster)
Jordan F - We Live
Jori Hulkkonen - Tähtien Suojaan, Toistensa Maa (Van Derand Remix)
Katuhaukka2984 - Toiset Tyypit ft. Airiin
Katuhaukka2984 - Unohdin Hyvästellä Sut ft. Airiin
Kolliepekka - Love On The Floor
Kolliepekka - The Gulo Luscus
Kolliepekka - This Molly Shit
Kolliepekka - Too Much You Faith
Kolliepekka - Wanna Go
Kolliepekka - We Are Cyborgs
Kolliepekka & DJ M1cko - Don't Look At Me
Konetontut - Sylvian Joululaulu
Konetontut - Walking In The Air
Lazergun FM - The Flight Of Atlantis
Lazermortis - Left Hand Path
L'Empereur - Orpheus, The Dead Kingdom
L'Empereur - We Are Rome
Mark Vera - String Theory
Midnight Hi-Fi - Momentary
ModlesS_Flash - Echoes Of Wasteland
Mulperi - Fearless
Nicholas - Rollergirl (Viciousi Remix)
Night Leather - No Time
Night Leather - Penance
Night Leather - Sparks (Syst3m Glitch Remix)
NightRazor - Shenzen Steel
Northern Disco Nights - Chasing May
Northern Disco Nights - Dreams Run Along The Beach
Northern Disco Nights - Heads & Bodies
Northern Disco Nights - Junk Love
Northern Disco Nights - Love Map
Northern Disco Nights - Nightfall
Northern Disco Nights - Noriko
Northern Disco Nights - Sour Cream
Northern Disco Nights - South Beach Skaters
Northern Disco Nights - Sunset Shades
Northern Disco Nights - Tropical Orange
Nuevo Deep - Cafe Del Mar
Nuevo Deep - Can U Feel It
Nuevo Deep - Dance3000
Nuevo Deep - Groovy Mayhem
Nuevo Deep - Guero
Nuevo Deep - Hot Mess
Nuevo Deep - In The Hood
Nuevo Deep - Just A Memory
Nuevo Deep - Kakulkan
Nuevo Deep - Kesägarage
Nuevo Deep - Loose Your Mind
Nuevo Deep - Nadja
Nuevo Deep - Pulssi
Nuevo Deep - Ritmo Agoria
Nuevo Deep - Sekaisin ft. Jannu Jameson & Oiso Saari
Nuevo Deep - Soulfree
Nuevo Deep - Tretjak
Nuevo Deep - Wake Up Figo
Nuevo Deep - Whatever U Say ft. Meredith
Nuevo Deep - You Light Up The Room
Oceanside85 - 2 Hot 4 U (Turbo Knight Remix)
P.T.R - 8-Ball
P.T.R - A Moment In Chaos
P.T.R - Catch The Rainmaker
P.T.R - Die Young
P.T.R - Tale Of A SNR
P.T.R - Tear Yourself
Pujak - Winter Wonder
Reed Reimer - First Transmission
Rony Rex - Mona Lisa ft. New Ro (Kolliepekka Remix)
Runaway Droid - Cryosleep
Severe - One Hit Wonder
Severe - Read My Mind
Sandman - Arrival To Zebes
Savaron - There Was A Time
Shadowrunner - Alone In The Dark ft. Trenton
Shadowrunner - Breathing Fire ft. Trenton
Shadowrunner - One Night ft. Trenton
Shadowrunner - The Stranger Part I
Shadowrunner - The Stranger Part II ft. Trenton
Shuriken Sun - Neon Monolith
Signal - Silver
Silverella - Back To Life ft. Puppy Smooth
Skylab - Fantasizing (Viciousi 'All Night Long' Remix)
Starquake Synthmaster- Cybersex
Starquake Synthmaster - Disco Mansion Massacre
Starquake Synthmaster - The Cosmic Crusade
Syst3m Glitch - A Place For Us
Syst3m Glitch - Expanse
Syst3m Glitch - I Remember ft. Dimi Kaye
Syst3m Glitch - Lightspeed ft. Shadowrunner
Syst3m Glitch - No Escape ft. Turbo Knight
Syst3m Glitch - Scars
Syst3m Glitch - Stars Shine Bright ft. Van Derand
Syst3m Glitch - Umbra
Syst3m Glitch - Young and Wild and Free
Team Sweatwave - King And Queen
Team Sweatwave - King And Queen (Anders Enger Jensen 80s Power Ballad Remix ft. Espen Kraft)
Team Sweatwave - Limber Up! ft. Mandi Mae
Team Sweatwave - Maximum Sweat
Team Sweatwave - Maximum Swear (Francci Remix)
Team Sweatwave - Pulling At My Dreams
Team Sweatwave - Rage Of The Tiger
Team Sweatwave - Rage Of The Tiger (Mark Dee Remix)
Team Sweatwave - Strength, Speed, Suave
Team Sweatwave - Work It Out
Team Sweatwave - Work It Out (Ultraboss Remix)
Temaj - Danca
The Midnight - Deep Blue (Shadowrunner Remix)
The Midnight - Seventeen (Syst3m Glitch & Van Derand Remix)
The Rounds - Enter The Rounds
The Rounds - Freedom Fire
The Rounds - Refuse
Thomas Tonfeld - Soul-Searchin' ft. Magnus
Thomas Tonfeld - Soul-Searchin' ft. Magnus (GoGoBizkitt! Remix)
Thomas Tonfeld - Soul-Searchin' ft. Magnus (Viciousi Remix)
Thomas Tonfeld & Leaving Atlantis - Paradise (Silverella Remix)
Thomas Tonfeld & Leaving Atlantis - Paradise (VCOC & Naroni Remix)
Those Ollies - Back In Those Days
Those Ollies - Danger Deeper
Those Ollies - Hard To Understand
Thought Beings - Sundown (Club Mix)
Thought Beings - Sundown (LLUVA Remix)
Thought Beings - Sundown (Syst3m Glitch Remix)
TiltShifted - All Night
Tiltshifted - Deadly Machinery
TiltShifted - Enter The Hero
TiltShifted - Fun Tonight
TiltShifted - Neon Shine
TiltShifted - Velvet Darkness
Tobias Bernstrup - 27 (Turbo Knight Remix)
Tronlec - Cyberspace Hack
Tronlec - Decryption
Tronlec - Lost And Found
Tronlec - Maglev To Southern Sector
Tronlec - On The Edge
Tronlec - The Chase Ft. Starquake Synthmaster
Tronlec - Warehouse Hideout
Tronlec - Welcome To Undercity
Turbo Knight - Age Of Fremen
Turbo Knight - Arrakis
Turbo Knight - At The End Of The Light ft. Magnus
Turbo Knight - Battle ft. Straplocked
Turbo Knight - Blue Skies
Turbo Knight - Curtain Wall ft. Arctic Mega Defender
Turbo Knight - Cyborg 2020 (Rework)
Turbo Knight - Deception ft. DREAM SHORE & Dimi Kaye
Turbo Knight - De Vermis Mysteriis
Turbo Knight - Don't Forget Me ft. Madelyn Darling
Turbo Knight - Dreams ft. Oceanside85 & Dimi Kaye & Tokyo Wanderer
Turbo Knight - Electric Glow ft. Wyndsrfr
Turbo Knight - Electric Sound
Turbo Knight - Hold On To Tonight ft. Dyhard
Turbo Knight - Horrors
Turbo Knight - House Harkonnen ft. Sunesis
Turbo Knight - Iluo
Turbo Knight - Italoman ft. Demokles
Turbo Knight - Miami Synth Riot 1980 (2020 Remaster)
Turbo Knight - Midnight Rain (2020 Vocal Edit) ft. Antti Who
Turbo Knight - Navigators ft. Starquake Synthmaster
Turbo Knight - Neural Connections
Turbo Knight - Otherdox
Turbo Knight - Reaper
Turbo Knight - Scenesat
Turbo Knight - Sensation ft. Nicole Carino
Turbo Knight - Sleeper Has Awaken ft. Straplocked
Turbo Knight - Spacerace
Turbo Knight - Spice Must Flow
Turbo Knight - Sunday Afternoon ft. NeverMann
Turbo Knight - Stranger
Turbo Knight - Symbiote
Turbo Knight - Syncronized
Turbo Knight - The Dragon In The Sea Of Sand ft. Ultraboss
Turbo Knight - The Prophecy
Turbo Knight - Together We Are Alone ft. Magnus
Turbo Knight - Touch The Sky ft. Elise Hujanen
Turbo Knight - Traci Lo ft. CS-Jay
Turbo Knight - Underneath The Stars ft. Bunny X & Icarus
Turbo Knight & A.Waves - Sinner
Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - S.D.S.E. (Socially Distanced Sex Expedition) ft. Syst3m Glitch
Turbo Knight & Dualarity - All I Need
Turbo Knight & Edictum - Andromeda
Turbo Knight & Edictum - Milky Way
Turbo Knight & Ferus Melek - My Oldest Friend
Turbo Knight & K.A.R.R. - Horizon Of Time
Turbo Knight & K.A.R.R. - Quantum Shift
Turbo Knight & NeverMann - Android Gigolo
Turbo Knight & Vosto - 2029
Turbo Knight & Vosto - Celestial
Turbo Knight & Vosto - Flickering
Turbo Knight & Vosto - Stranger Blyats
Turbo Knight & Vosto - Triforce
Turbo Knight & Waves On Waves - Healing Hands
Turbo Knight & Yoru - Heavy Rain
Turbo Knight & Yoru - Let's Get Wild ft. Dimi Kaye & Syst3m Glitch
Van Derand - Chiba City Blues
Van Derand - Cyberpunk 2077
Van Derand - Fatal Routine ft. Ryan Ward
Van Derand - Lethargic Groove
Van Derand - Lounge Lizard
Van Derand - Phantom Of Silias
Van Derand - See You On The Other Side
Van Derand - Revival
Van Derand - You Say, You Say ft. Sunesis & Dimi Kaye
Van Derand & Turbo Knight - Enemy ft. Ryan Ward
Vansidian - Code Of Shame
Vansidian - Stormweaver
Vansidian - Suppressed With Light
Viciousi - All The Nights We Spent
Viciousi - Bringing Up The Heat
Viciousi - Cavaricchi
Viciousi - Do
Viciousi - Finesse
Viciousi - Get Around
Viciousi - It Breaks My Heart To Let You Go ft. Magnus
Viciousi - Living For Today
Viciousi - Lost In The Clothing Store
Viciousi - Rollo Vice
Viciousi - Round & Round
Viciousi - Samplify
Viciousi - Seksi-Seppo Redux
Viciousi - Sour Tweaks
Viciousi - That Funky Sound
Viciousi - Trans A.M.
Viciousi & Agrume - Get Down To The Funk
Viciousi & Agrume - On The Rhythm
Viciousi & Agrume - Once Again
Viciousi & DeusExMaschine - When We Kiss
Vilemoral - Ballet Of Brutality
Vladmsorensen - Lawbreaker ft. L'Empereur
Vulkari64 - The Last Past
Warlock - Blood
Waveshaper - Crt Days (Turbo Knight Remix)
WEVPON - Beneath a Dream Sky
WEVPON - Botnia Forever
WEVPON - Michael My Douglas
WEVPON - Neganeon
WEVPON - Retrozombie
WEVPON - Retrozombie (Turbo Knight Remix)
WEVPON & Turbo Knight - Meatgrinder
WEVPON & Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - Black Sauer
WEVPON & Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - Chameleon Of Emotions
WEVPON & Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - Cybersmith
WEVPON & Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - Scrapyard Scavenger
WEVPON & Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - System e66o6
WEVPON & Turbo Knight & Dimi Kaye - Tech Wars
ZakVortex - Killian

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