IMMIDIATE - Chillsynth

IMMIDIATE - Chillsynth

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MIDI Chord Progressions & 24-bit WAV Loops

IMMIDIATE proudly present Chillsynth, your new go-to MIDI pack for retro-flavored nostalgia, Lo-Fi vibes and unlimited inspiration.

With a total of 24 MIDI and WAV loop construction kits covering all 12 Major and Minor keys, as well as 24 custom Cthulhu presets, we’ve provided you with a solid foundation for exploring the style by creating genre-specific bassline, lead and pad parts which will instantly get the creativity flowing.

Simply drag and drop the MIDI files into any DAW, link them up with your favourite sound source and you’re ready to go! The MIDI files are endlessly tweakable, giving you complete freedom to transpose, re-order notes and really make them your own.

The production-ready WAV loops were all created using the corresponding MIDI files. For these, we exclusively used hardware analog and digital synths which were then creatively processed to bring you those Lo-Fi chill feels and showcase what is possible when using the MIDI files.

For Cthulhu users, we’ve imported all of the chords used in our pad parts and mapped them across the keyboard as they were originally played. Use them as they are or as a creative springboard for your own custom chords and progressions. Don’t forget to flick on the arpeggiator for even more possibilities!

If you are producing Chillsynth, dreamy and atmospheric Ambient music or any style which calls for a sprinkle of washed-out Lo-Fi lushness, this pack is an essential addition to your production library.

Pack Contents:

72 MIDI Files
- 24 Bass
- 24 Lead
- 24 Pad

96 24-Bit .WAV Files
- 24 Bass
- 24 Lead
- 24 Pad
- 24 Full

24 Cthulhu Presets (Minimum 4 exclusive chords per preset)

Total Number Of Files:

- 192
- 1 GB

Software Requirements:
- Latest version of Cthulhu