Entry 1: Welcoming Q/A.

Pretty sure things went all right in the end since you are reading this. Glad that you do. Since I got your attention, let's answer to couple of questions you might have...


Q. So, who are you?

A. I'm Van D - a professional music producer, sound designer, audio engineer, proud dad of two kiddos and a lifelong gamer. I also hold a master's degree of arts on Audiovisual Media Culture.


Q. What is this site all about?

A. This is my domain. A place where I provide my skills and knowledge through official products and weekly blog posts. I also offer top notch mastering. My intention is to build this site step by step until it will reach the stars. Some day...


Q. Why did you choose music industry? Is is worth it?

A. Music industry is tough, I mean very tough. We independent makers trying to feed our families with it are, well, a bit masochistic. But that's something that divide true believers and hobbyists. Work hard, work harder might be the case, but when you love something as much as I do love music, wrinkles on the face nor a few grey hair won't put me down.


Q. Why Shopify? Wouldn't distribution service work?

A. I have worked with distribution services before. I like them and the reach they offer. But I also want to offer my products with reasonable prices, since I myself am very familiar being penniless musician. Distributors take a pretty juicy piece of the cake, so prices must be higher. Through my own Shopify store, I can offer you premium products with much more appealing price tag. I am an indie artist, so I want to support other indie artists.


Q. So what do you actually offer?

A. Mainly synthesizer presets, samples and mastering. I have also joined forces with The Patchbay to research and emulate various compositions which hold certain importance in the synthesizer oriented scene. In the emulation series I take a composition, thoroughly study it, and then try to reverse engineer it's overall sound with just one synthesizer. These sounds will then be sold as presets for that synth. It's fun and educating!


Q. Finally; what about the release schedule?

A. I aim to offer a pack per week. At the moment I master a lot of music for clients and am working with bigger companies on sound design, so cannot give any promises. Hopefully it will be a fresh new pack on every Friday - some weeks bigger projects, other weeks bit ligher. Everything will be affordable and very usable for sure.


Q. Want to add anything?

A. On top of the official product announcements, I try to write this blog twice per week. Or maybe make it a video blog since I love to demonstrate on screen and talk about it. I am sure it would be more fruitful for the viewers too. There is so much interesting happening in the business. I want to offer my take on it. I try to give vital advice and tips on production, promote artists and products I see potential in, noodle around with different hardware gear, and also write about other random things concerning music and life. Stay tuned for all kinds of goodies! And remember to sign up for the newsletter!

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